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*** A New Book by Lisa Carroll ***
"How I Became a 20-Year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor"

I am, indeed, an incredibly rare survivor.

It has been 20 years! My story is unlike any pancreatic cancer survivor story you can find on the Internet. My detailed book coaches you on how to improve your chance of becoming a pancreatic cancer long-term survivor.

I open my heart to you using my outspoken writing style, with rich description, to offer you my valuable experience and advice. I provide you full details of my ordeal, including my treatment process, drug & chemotherapy details, as well as my surgical procedure and pathology report.

In 1990, I was a 36-year-old mom with a 9-year-old daughter, and I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Amid this devastating news, I was given the prognosis of "living for a few more months." Understandably, I was anxious and quite frightened about my future. After Whipple surgery, and regaining the weight I lost, I endured three torturous chemotherapy treatments, all the while vowing to re-energize my health and my life. Eighteen years later, my physical exam, CT scan, and MRI at Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge, Virginia in 2008 revealed that I was cancer free and "Fit as a fiddle!"

If you are faced with the reality of cancer, any cancer, or are enduring chemotherapy, and have hope for recovery, my experience and advice can help you face and conquer your fears. My experience and advice will strengthen your hope and your resolve as I take you back to 1990 when I thought my life would soon end.

In my book, I offer advice for your physical and mental health, encompassing diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, and daily life. I also reveal my prescribed post-surgery treatment plan and medication details. You will know what I went through, my ups and downs, and how I battled my cancer. I am happy to proclaim that my health and quality of life are excellent!

If you are affected by cancer, my experience may surprise and touch you, while enlightening you about love and life. I explain how to cherish what you already have, and offer you my advice, experience, and knowledge most sincerely.

Dear friends, do not cry and do not give up. When you have hope, and work toward your goals, everything will change. To live another twenty years does not have to be just a dream!

Thanks for reading!

by Lisa Carroll

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